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Our Mission

  • To promote global co-operation, communication exchange and synergy among the Hong Kong business associations worldwide.

  • To provide a unified global voice that will enhance business and investment opportunities in and through Hong Kong.


The Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide is a unique network of 42 Hong Kong Business Associations in 31 countries and regions with over 13,000 individual associates.

These Hong Kong Business Associations were started by overseas traders, buyers and professionals, who have strong business links to Hong Kong in their respective countries, for the purpose of networking and exchanging of business information and ideas.

Each of these Associations has their own individual members who are top business people and SMEs in their home country.

They are Hong Kong's closest allies and partners in the world market.

The Federation is a non-profit-making organisation limited by guarantee.


Current Committee:

Mathew Clarke               President

Winnie Lai Hadad           Vice President

Lucy Luan                     Treasurer

This Roos                      Secretary

Jiangton Zhang

Patricia Gamero

Jonathon Lee

Ruofan Gan

Wendbing Xu

WA Patron: Mr Ian Mathison 

Ian joined HKABA-SA in 1991, then WA in 1997, serving on both committees for several years, serving as WA President, National Vice President , and with his continued support Ian is a valued member of HKABA.     


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